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Senior snappy

Senior Snappy is open to young people aged 17 to 25. We meet every Thursday throughout the year as well as running individual events at other times..


We run a number of projects dedicated to building confidence, independence and social skills, but mostly, to give our young people the opportunity to enjoy new experiences, have fun and make friends! 

We have a great community, rich in resources that meet the needs of our young people but also deliver valuable opportunities to explore new activities and gain skills that may not be easily accessed elsewhere. Our wide mix of activities are designed to encourage personal growth and social development.

If you would like to join Senior Snappy, please get in touch:

Or, if you are in a position to host an event or provide a

workshop for our young people, we would love to hear from you!

Senior snappy's got talent 2020

Each year, members of Senior Snappy get together to showcase their talents in front of their peers, their family and our judges. They have to impress if to be in for a chance of winning our coveted prize - a box of chocolates!


This year, because of social distancing restrictions, we asked members to submit their entries by photo or video - and, as with every year, we were blown away by the talent we have at Senior Snappy!