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  • Do I need to book my child's a place on one of your sessions?
    It is very helpful for us to know how many children and young people we have joining us for each session, so yes, we do prefer that you book your child's place each week. Not only does this enable us to staff our sessions sensibly, but we can make sure that the staff and volunteers we have on site have the appropriate training and understanding for your child's needs. It also helps us to plan our activities better, therefore ensuring that everyone attending has a wonderful time. Places are offered on a first come first served basis and can be booked through our office.
  • How do I book my child's place on one of your sessions?
    For our more regular sessions such as Saturday Schemes and Senior Snappy, please simply call, email or pop into the office to book your child's place. For our school holiday schemes, we will issue a booking form nearer the time and ask that you complete it and return it to the office to book your child's place.
  • How can I get in touch?
    We're always happy to chat at The Snappy Trust and have tried to make it nice and easy for you to reach us: Telephone: 07710282269 Email: You can also contact us via one of our social media sites
  • I'm interested in volunteering but have no experience - is that OK?
    Absolutely! We're very proud to say that we offer a high level of support and training to all of our volunteers and welcome all new enquiries. Check out our volunteering page for more information.
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