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Our projects

We run a number of programmes dedicated to building confidence, independence and social skills, but mostly, to give our children and young people the opportunity to enjoy new experiences, have fun and make friends!


We provide a community, rich in resources, that meets the needs of the children and young people who attend here, but we also deliver opportunities for them to explore new activities and gain skills that may not be easily accessed elsewhere. Our wide mix of activities are designed to encourage personal growth and social development.


We encourage inclusion in a gentle and incremental way, inviting other groups to join us at The Snappy Trust. Our community environment ensures that our children and young people can enjoy themselves with the same feeling and tone as their mainstream peers.


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Open to children and young people aged 6 - 25 during the school holidays
Open to children and young people aged 6 - 25 on Saturdays throughout the year excluding school holidays
Open to young people aged 17 to 25 on Thursday evenings (and other individual evenings) throughout the year.
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