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Ambassador's message

A message from one of our Ambassadors, Andy Pericleous.

Supporting The Snappy Trust: Unveiling the True Costs

Hello, incredible friends, businesses and community!  Let's talk charity realities.

After a heartfelt chat with a friend who had questions about charity spending, it got me thinking about the basics that charities, like The Snappy Trust, have to cover just to keep the lights on.

The Real Deal:

Contrary to some beliefs, charities bear essential costs—rent, rates, electricity, phone bills, and salaries for core specialised staff (especially in the case of Snappy who deal with some profoundly disabled children). These are not extravagances but the fundamental backbone of their operations.

The Snappy Trust Reality:

Here's the scoop—The Snappy Trust doesn't receive any direct funding. Yep, you heard it right! They rely solely on the incredible efforts of fundraising and grants to keep their mission going strong.

Why It Matters:

Before they can organise magical days out, provide play provisions, and bring joy to the children they represent, they must cover these basic costs. Your support directly fuels their ability to make a positive impact.

Addressing Concerns:

I get it; there's sometimes concern about big salaries in charities and who knows, this may be the case with large national charities, But fear not! The Snappy Trust is all about transparency and prides itself on putting every penny where it truly matters.

Your Invitation to Make a Difference:

As an ambassador for this incredible charity, I'm here to 'beat the drum' for their cause. If you're planning a sponsored walk, marathon, cake bake sale, raffle, or any charity fundraising initiative like the Great North Run or Dragon Boat Race, please consider making The Snappy Trust the beneficiary of your efforts. Every small act adds up to something extraordinary.

Let's Do This Together:

Spread the word, tag friends, and let's rally for a local cause that truly makes a difference in York. Your generosity fuels the heart of The Snappy Trust.

Thank you Andy!

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