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Sarah Loftus to Run York Marathon 2024 for The Snappy Trust

We are thrilled to announce that Sarah Loftus, Managing Director of Make It York and Visit York, is taking on an incredible challenge to support The Snappy Trust.

Sarah will be running the York Marathon 2024, covering 26 miles and 385 yards, as well as five 10km runs and five additional challenges set by The Snappy Trust.

Sarah kicked off her journey with her first 10km run at the Beverley 10km on 12th May 2024. Her ambitious goal is to raise £25,000 for The Snappy Trust by encouraging 25,000 people to each donate £1. We also hope Sarah's efforts will attract larger donations to support our cause.

Join us in cheering Sarah on as she undertakes these amazing challenges to help us continue maximising the personal development of children and young people with disabilities.

Every pound counts!



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