Foil For Snappy

We have always welcomed your donations to Foil For Snappy but as lockdown drags on, and we are unable to have visitors on site, we have noticed increasing donations coming through the post.

We are grateful to have your ongoing support, especially during these exceptionally difficult times, but unfortunately, many of these parcels come with an additional fee to pay on collection. The parcels pictured above cost us £7.00 to collect.

Like so many industries, the global metal market has been affected by lockdown and trading restrictions and as such, prices are down. The market is slowly recovering but at the minute we are spending more to collect these donations than we are able to raise from them.

We therefore need to ask you not to send donations via the post and instead make use of one of the many collection points around York.

Foil For Snappy is a fantastic project that is supporting the recycling efforts of communities in and around York, and also supporting Snappy with it's fundraising goals. We would love your continued support to this project - through one of the relevant collection points.

Main 24/7 open access car park collection points are:

  • Sainsbury’s Monk's Cross

  • ASDA Monk's Cross

  • Sainsbury’s Foss Bank

  • Nunnery Lane Car Park

  • The Designer Outlet Recycling Area, Fulford

  • Coop Haxby

  • Morrison’s Acomb

  • Coop Nether Poppleton

  • Bishopthorpe Sports and Social Club

  • Sand Hutton & Claxton Village Hall

  • Foston & Thorton Le Clay Village Hall

  • Hazel Court HWRC, James Street

  • Towthorpe HWRC

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