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Recycling for Snappy

Karen is one of our parents. Her son has been attending Snappy for 9 years now and she has given back in a huge way by setting up a recycling scheme to raise much needed funds for our projects.

From humble beginnings collecting and recycling mince pie cases, Karen has dedicated time and energy to growing this recycling scheme and is now responsible for 7 large 24/7 public access recycling bins and 45 indoor community points - and does most of this singlehandedly, to raise money for Snappy!

She is a wonderful asset to The Snappy Trust and we are incredibly grateful for all of her support, not only in fundraising but in generating publicity for our projects and our cause.

Please visit Karen's page on our site to read more about her fantastic story and, if you would like to get involved, from adding a collection bin to your workplace to donating your foil at Snappy - we would love to hear from you!


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