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Working hard to keep Snappy safe

Staff at The Snappy Trust have been working hard to ensure that they continue to offer the very highest level of care in the current climate.

With this in mind, we would like to let you know what we are doing to keep everyone at The Snappy Trust as safe as possible.


  • We perform a deep clean of all areas before and after every session.

  • We are currently evaluating and trialing different professional spray cleaning companies to add an extra layer of protection.

  • All attendees regularly wash their hands throughout the sessions and there is a regular system of cleaning high-contact areas.


  • We have three designated staff members on the door in PPE who are responsible for the handover of children to minimise contact with visitors outside of the Snappy bubble.

  • All personal belongings are sanitised before being allowed into the play areas.

  • Visitors only attend by prior arrangement and are made aware of our procedures. They are required to wear a mask and maintain social distancing.


  • All attendees are recorded, and we operate in accordance with all Government guidance including the NHS Test, Track and Trace.

  • We operate as a 'bubble' which includes the children and/or young people, staff members and volunteers.

  • Due to the nature of our work, social distancing is not always possible but we have fun ways of creating it without the children and/or young people being aware.

  • We are not able to wear face masks constantly, due to the nature of our work, although we do wear PPE when appropriate including masks, gowns and gloves.

  • New staff and/or volunteers, or those attending after isolation, wear masks for the whole of their first session.

  • Full PPE and hand-sanitiser is always available but kept secure from the children.


  • Each child or young person has been assessed before initial attendance in the light of the current health situation and appropriate notes added to their profile.

  • All staff are trained and aware of our procedures and we hold regular meetings to feedback and assess.

  • Our landlord (Door 84) has its own risk assessments and protocols for the building. Please contact their office for more details.

No activity is completely risk free and we continue to monitor and flex with the situation to ensure that The Snappy Trust remains as risk free as possible, while also ensuring that all of the children and young people enjoy their time with us.



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